What is Leprosy

Disease, caused by a "GERM" called MYCOBACTERIUM LELPRAE. It effects skin and nerves of human body Leprosy is the least infectious disease because it germ dose not stay alive for a long time out side the human body. Leprosy is a with the modern drugs leprosy is curable within six months to two years. To prevent deformities of crippling, "EARLY" and "REGULAR" treatment is essential. At present leprosy is 100% curable.

Urgent Appeal

We need urgently the school furniture. Of 28 Class rooms are ready in 2nd floor of Tanvir High School.

We desperately need medicines for our free Health Center. Monthly cost of Rs.150000/- for medicines of OPD.

We urgently need an ambulance Suzuki Hi Roof for picking dropping of deformed leprosy patients from their houses to our Health Centre. The cost of ambulance is Rs.650000/-.

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