About Us


Leprosy Patients Welfare Trust (LPWT) is the symbol of services to sufferers of leprosy patients in Pakistan. We are the registered charitable organization under Trust Act of Pakistan. We are providing FREE treatment to the leprosy patients and giving social rehabilitation services to the leprosy patients and their families. For the purpose of controlling and eradication of leprosy, we are running Health Education Program to the masses on leprosy. We are also providing school facilities, Monthly help, Ramzan Ration food and Social help to the Orphans.

At present, leprosy has been controlled in Pakistan but fight to eradicate leprosy still continues and also we have to rehabilitate 9000 leprosy patients an their families who are in need of psychological, educational, social economical rehabilitation to store them to a life of dignity.

We have established a REHABILITATION CENTER at Manghopir, Karachi which is located nearby Patients Colony(Yaqoob Shah Basti) wherewe are running Free Treatment Center, Cripple Home, Industrial Home, Computer Training Institute and School for the children of leprosy patients and orphans.

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