Tanvir High School

LPWT is running Tanvir High School in Rehabilitation Centre at Manghopir Karachi, Pakistan giving free quality education for the children of Leprosy patients, Orphans and deserving children. LPWT also sponsoring Orphans and deserving children who are studying in other schools and cannot reach to THS.

As conflict, natural disasters, poverty and malnourishment plague our world; children continue to be the prime victims. The number of children who live in poverty is increasing. Millions of children do not possess basic daily necessities integral to their livelihoods. They lack access to schools, proper housing, and adequate health care but LPWT is seeking to change this reality for as many children as possible.

The program links sponsors with needy children up to the age of 18 and sponsors become responsible for the child’s monthly assistance. For many sponsors, the children become integral members of their extended family, and sponsors become a pillar of strength and support in the lives of the children.

The focus is placed on providing education, as well as medical and other basic necessities. To meet the needs of children, Child Sponsorship Programme is supplemented with several additional LPWT programs such as our education projects, medical health clinics, and seasonal food distribution.

LPWT’s support does not end once a child finishes high school. Those who wish to pursue post secondary education become part of our Higher Education and Learning Program (HELP). Students who are sponsored through HELP receive assistance with tuition fees and their living expenses and they study for a career that will allow them to support themselves and not have to rely on assistance.

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