Social Services

Social Rehabilitation of leprosy patients is necessary in order to complete the physical cure and restore the patients to a happy, social and family life. Mostly leprosy patients are very poor and jobless. They loosed their jobs during the treatment period because they could not work regularly most treated patients of Manghopir Karachi are badly deformed and crippled. 9000 leprosy patients and their families are awaiting for the social rehabilitation and their rehabilitation could not possible without the faithful quit and continued help from you.

At present, leprosy has been controlled in Pakistan but fight to eradicate leprosy still continues and also we have to rehabilitate 9000 leprosy patients an their families who are in need of psychological, educational, social economical rehabilitation to store them to a life of dignity.

We have established a REHABILITATION CENTER at Manghopir, Karachi which is located nearby Patients Colony(Yaqoob Shah Basti) wherewe are running Free Treatment Center, Cripple Home, Industrial Home, Computer Training Institute and School for the children of leprosy patients and orphans.

Free Ambulance

Successfully running Free picking and dropping ambulance services to the leprosy. We pick patients from their houses to our Center for the Free treatment at OPD Timing. Mostly Patients are […]

Small Business Set Up

We are providing financial assistance to set up a small desirous business to those patients who are jobless and deformed. We provide financial assistance to set small business as per […]

Widow’s Stipends

We are providing monthly regular help to the widows of leprosy patients and this help continue un till than their children become bread earner for their families. We give quality […]

Assistance to CDGK Hospital

We are assisting CDGK Leprosy Hospital in terms of regular monthly help to the over 180 admitted Leprosy Patients. We are providing Ramadan Ration food and meat/beef on the occasion […]

Emergency Help

We are providing Emergency help to those Leprosy Patients who in need in emergency through Cash. They want to pay electricity bills, to buy ration etc so we provide them […]

Marriage Expense

We pay marriages expenses to poor families of leprosy patients. We provide financial assistance to purchase necessary household items for their daughters.

Basic Amenities

We provide financial assistance for the basic amenities such as electricity, water and suigas connections resulting become life easy of the patients.

Free School Bags / Uniforms etc

We are providing complete free schooling facilities to the children of leprosy patients and orphans. We provide school bags, uniform, books, shoes etc free of cost.

Free Clothes Distribution

We distributed Shalwar Qamiz suits and children clothes to the Leprosy Patients and their families on the occasion of Eid-ul – fitr.

Free Sewing Machine / Water Pumps

We provide sewing machines free of cost to the widows and poor female leprosy patients to stand their own feet and giving water donkey pumps, washing machines to the poor […]

House Repairing

We repair houses to those leprosy patients who are very poor. We construct their kitchens, wash rooms etc to live patients in better hygienic conditions at the Yaqoob Shah Basti […]

Eye Operations

We pay expenses of eye operations who operated outside the Rehabilitation Center. Leprosy effect the eyes and leprosy patient cannot shutter open and close automatically of the eyes resulting to […]

Field Survey Activities

We often field survey to the houses of leprosy patients by our Social Services Dept. to ask them their problems financial difficulties, current need, etc. because social rehabilitation is necessary […]

Ramzan Ration Food Distribution

Every year we are free distributing Ramzan Ration Food few days before of Ramzan ul Mubarak . We are distributing Ramzan Food Ration among the whole population of leprosy patients […]

Qurbani Project

From the many years we are also free distributing meat among the leprosy patients, admitted leprosy patients of CDGK Leprosy Hospital and the poor families who are residing at the […]

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